Integration of the Trueplay solution is the growth of KPIs

Automated approach to all processes
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  1. No need to change current business model
  2. Fully automated and straightforward process
  3. Minimal operator’s effort required to integrate
  4. Plug and Play solution
  5. Takes up to 48h to integrate

No need to be a tech geek

A few clicks and all information in your personal admin panel
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Trueplay Products

Tokenization and loyalty programs

Launch your own crypto token and use it to reward players in a more interesting, modern way!

User acquisition

Attract new players using referral programs, bonuses for new users, and word of mouth about your great platform!

Crypto custody solution

Send, receive and exchange crypto to fiat and vice versa with Trueplay’s crypto processing product!

Trueplay Blockchain Explorer

An easy solution to become transparent to users by providing access to data on the accrual of rewards. Gain more trust!

Trueplay token

A crypto token for the Trueplay ecosystem that will connect all of the products. The token sale is soon, stay tuned!

TrueSign Technology

How does TrueSign work?

Gaming Provider

Receives data about bets

Proxy integration

All the data comes via Trueplay proxy to the operator endpoint


Saves all the data into the blockchain


Stores all the data on Trueplay Blockchain Explorer
What does it give you?


Your brand doesn’t hide anything from players


Players trust your brand more


Players entrust their $ to your brand and bring their friends
Game providers that we work with
…and the list is constantly growing!
Boost your LTV with a user-friendly widget
Token-related info
Loyalty Programs detail
Loyalty programs details
Transaction History
Transaction history
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Easy start
It only takes 5 minutes to get onboarding
Access to all data
Keep track of all token stats
Loyalty programs
Everything works according to your rules!
Blockchain is behind your success
Become transparent to your users and boost your retention
Trueplay Blockchain Explorer
Everyone can verify data transparency at any time
Bet volume
Network stats
Latest game actions
Latest transactions