About Us
Trueplay specializes in providing innovative solutions for the iGaming industry, with a focus on enhancing user engagement and retention.
Loyalty Gamification
We develop loyalty programs that transform the player experience through gamification. They improve player engagement and satisfaction fostering long-term customer loyalty for online casinos.
Online Streaming
The Trueplay streaming feature allows online casinos to engage with a wider audience and attract younger demographics who may not have previously been interested in traditional gambling.
The Holistic Approach
Through our complete services, we assist iGaming brands in improving their performance and providing their users with rewards that are both fresh and engaging.
Power up your retention
with loyalty gamification
Our Mission
Trueplay has a multifaceted ethos that guides our path.
Revolutionize iGaming
The mission of Trueplay is to revolutionize the iGaming industry through the integration of new technologies, enhancing user engagement and retention with loyalty gamification.
Unparalleled Value
Guided by our commitment to innovation, flexibility, and transparency, we aim to provide unparalleled value, raising the industry standards and the investment appeal of iGaming.
Win-Win Ecosystem
We strive to create a win-win ecosystem where both our B2B clients and their users reap the benefits of an enhanced, entertaining, and interactive gaming experience.
Job Openings
Join Our Team!
At Trueplay we value innovation, teamwork, and efficiency. Our team is our greatest asset, and we are looking for talented professionals to fill in the ranks. Take a look at our vacancies and see if you are a good fit.
Our culture starts with our people. We strive to find individuals that are intelligent, creative, empathic, and fun. We go a step further by providing them with possibilities for advancement.
Job Openings
Core Values
We champion new ideas and technologies, especially those that can redefine the iGaming industry.
Team Culture
We believe in the power of teamwork, recognizing the value of our employees' work, and promoting a culture of respect and mutual responsibility.
We are adaptable and ready to modify our approach for the benefit of our stakeholders.
Rapid Learning
We embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth and encourage the swift resolution of problems.
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