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Unique loyalty programs for iGaming

How it works
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Gambling software you didn’t think exists

Trueplay is igaming software represented by unique loyalty programs that boost user engagement. We offer online gaming software in a form of an iFrame widget that allows brands to reward their players with crypto tokens while engaging them in the platform and making them stay longer.

Reward your players in a modern way

Create your own GGR pool and allocate it to loyalty programs!
GGR Pool

Play To Earn

  1. Users make bets
  2. Users receive cashback in tokens
  3. Users keep betting more!

Hold To Earn

  1. Users buy tokens/receive tokens for bets
  2. Users stake tokens and multiply them
  3. Users are motivated and keep playing

Retention is the number one priority

Trueplay collects the data about all transactions and writes it into blockchain
X% of your GGR goes into loyalty programs
Play To Earn
Hold To Earn
(you decide which %)
Play To Earn
Players receive token cashback for each bet
Players make more bets
Hold To Earn
Players compete for % of the casino GGR pool
As a result, players bet more often, stay longer and are more motivated!
TrueSign Module
All data is automatically written into the blockchain
Full customization
Easy and flexible control of all processes
mobile app
Tokenized loyalty programs
Automated loyalty programs based on your tokens
Maximum user engagement
Tokens drive the platform’s development and the gaming experience of each player
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Players have confidence in the platform as all transactions can be tracked 24/7
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Tokenized Loyalty Programs

GGR dynamics

You don’t need much to get started!

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We offer:
  1. Simple registration process
  2. Onboarding directly through the website
  3. 15 minutes to set up the basics
  4. No need to be a tech geek
  5. New gaming experience
  6. Full customization

A powerful blockchain solution for those who want to be on top

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Trueplay platform integrates transparency to online services and aims to tokenize the biggest billion-worth markets.
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