Trueplay Presents a New Live Streaming Feature: CopyStake!

Trueplay is a leading company in loyalty program development, bringing real value to iGaming businesses and increasing their retention by up to 18%. We offer Hold to Earn, Play to Earn, and Marketing Campaigns that have successfully boosted NGR for casino platforms on four continents. But the industry also needed something fresh and juicy, so imagine having iGaming and streaming platforms all on one website. The new Trueplay feature that will transform the traditional perception of online casinos is called CopyStake.

The hype around online streaming platforms

Online streams are becoming more and more popular. Streaming platforms such as Twitch are trending among gamers and gaming audiences. The most popular Twitch channels have millions of viewers. In 2023, Twitch got 2,417,041 average viewers and 275,187,852 live streams.

Specifically, in October 2023, Twitch had reached approximately 2.5 million active viewers

Twitch metrics

How can we implement online streams in the casino system?

One way to leverage the popularity of online streaming platforms for online casinos is by partnering with popular streamers to promote casino games and attract a wider audience. By incorporating live casino gameplay into their streams, streamers can showcase the excitement and entertainment value of online gambling, potentially driving more players to iGaming websites.

Additionally, online casinos can offer exclusive bonuses or rewards to viewers who sign up through a streamer’s referral link, creating a mutually beneficial partnership between the streaming community and iGaming.

How can this approach be enhanced even more?

What is CopyStake?

CopyStake is a new Trueplay’s live streaming feature that enables you to invite popular streamers and hold live gambling sessions in the Trueplay widget right on your website. Even more — it provides casino players with the opportunity to automatically replicate the streamer’s bets, sharing all the wins and losses.

CopyStake widget

CopyStake creates a unique and immersive experience for online casino players: they can feel like they are gambling alongside their favorite streamers.

Additionally, collaboration with streamers can attract a larger audience to online casinos, increasing their visibility and potential customer base.

You can work with the same streamers as before the CopyStake integration, but now they can integrate into your platform and interact with players in a new, trending way.

How does CopyStake work? 

Open the CopyStake widget on the casino website and choose your favorite streamer. Once you have selected your preferred streamer, you can watch their gameplay and betting strategies in real time. CopyStake technology allows you to replicate their bets and potentially win alongside them.

Choose streamer

To start copying bets the streamer makes, transfer funds from your casino balance to CopyStake.

Guide on how to make a deposit

Specify your bet amount and the number of spins you want to make following in the streamer’s footsteps.

Bet and Spins

Press Start and try your fortune!

Button Start

Keep track of your bets in the History tab.

Track history in the live streaming feature

CopyStake Benefits for iGaming Platforms

Integrating Trueplay’s live streaming feature means expanding your brand reach to streamer communities and significantly increasing your active user audience. 

In 2023, an online gambling streamer on Twitch, SlotsMarko, hosted the most popular slots and casino channel, generating more than six million hours of watched live content and reaching 1,226 average viewers.

Online casino platforms have an opportunity to expand the number of active users by inviting popular streamers to perform on their iGaming platform. Thousands of thrilled users will follow their favorite streamer to the casino platform to watch them play and will want to interact by copying their bets.

CopyStake benefits

Try CopyStake and elevate your business to make it stand out from the competition.