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Providing unrivaled flexibility, our easy-to-integrate solutions work both together, as an all-in-one platform, and independently.

Affiliate Platform

Designed to bring all the leading casino operators together on a single DLT-powered platform.

TrueSign module

Ultimate transparency of all transactions during a game and in the build-up to it.


The wallet is another proof of the transparency of gaming transactions between a player, casino and affiliate.


TPLAY token is a core part of the TRUEPLAY platform functionality.

How it work?

TruePlay capitalizes on the latest distributed ledger technologies, making the process of player activity tracking completely easy and transparent for any party involved.

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TruePlay to Introduce First Blockchain-Based Affiliate Program at BlockchainUA

TruePlay will showcase its breakthrough blockchain solution for honest and transparent iGaming at the BlockchainUA conference.

The 7th edition of this semi-annual international blockchain event will take place at the Oasis Conference Hall in Kyiv, Ukraine, on September 20, 2019. It will gather prominent fintech pros and blockchain enthusiasts to strengthen the global blockchain community and raise awareness of decentralized technologies.

TruePlay is heading to the event as its silver sponsor to showcase the TruePlay Affiliate Program, a unique blockchain-based solution for transparent and mutually beneficial collaboration between casinos, game providers, affiliates, regulators, and players.

Learn more about this game-changing product during the speech by Alex Antsyferov, Head Of Product Development at TruePlay. The speech titled “Autopsy will show: why gambling is rotten and how blockchain saves the day for gamblers” will start at 15:40 local time on the BlockchainUA Opening Product Stage.

17 September 2019

Our new Advisor—Ken Zhang

And we are sure, that you’ve might heard about him. Mr Ken Zhang. Great, impressive and very interesting person. Lets find out a bit more about him.

Ken Zhang is the co-founder and Managing director of Pocket Games Software Ltd. Pocket Games Soft is a world-class digital mobile Slots games company. As an experienced, hard working and highly motivated person, Ken can bring us new opportunities and bright vision of our way. His awareness in online casino industry and great interest in Blockchain technology is vital for the development and growth of the TruePlay.

Ken is a true professional and a inspiring leader. We believe that his brilliant experience in iGambling and passion about new technologies like blockchain will help us to move forward to our inevitable success. It should be noted that couple of his advices has already affected our project positively.

We are always happy to cooperate with such professionals. It is really important that Ken is excited about TruePlay and understands the ways of improvements as well as pros and cons of our project. He is taking his new position responsibly and he is ready to be our guiding light. Welcome and good luck!

17 September 2018

Full audit of our Smart Contract by HACKEN is completed!

Smart contract is one of the most important part of any token. Generally, it works in the similar way as an ordinary agreement between client and an existing company, however in terms of Blockchain it is implemented into token and forces both sides of any deal to follow the set rules. In is essential to develop smart contract properly because it is literally imbedded into token and cannot be changed after token release. faced with some unexpected issued with their smart contract, but all of the problems were solved immediately. But first things first. TruePlay is a B2B platform with a complex of software solutions for online gaming business. This project creates transparent and honest platform for Gambling while been not a gambling provider. TruePlay only allows licensed gambling companies access to their software. Its technologies are aimed on developing online gaming and making it as legal and transparent as possible from any point of view.

TPLAY is a token created by TruePlay for platform needs. And in addition to smart contract TPLAY includes Honesty Control System based on Blockchain technology. This is a unique solution for online gambling industry and it is vital to include HCS into modern casino, as a tool to prevent fraud and to provide transparency of every game.

TruePlay’s first token edition was suffering small weaknesses. Firstly, during its evolvement TruePlay decided to change the model of its incentive system from outmoded discount scheme into bonus system that is more transparent and totally fits to the whole idea of the project. Additionally, the amount of issuing tokens was not enough to meet the needs of TruePlay. Initially it was planned to create 70 million TPLAYs but after a bunch of researches it was recommended to release 100 million TPLAYs. This led to the following reasonable decision — the company decided to update their smart contract.

After adding features mentioned above into smart contract, there was made another wise step, that should be made by any token issuer. TPLAY Coin was analyzed and audited by Hacken OÜ and it was stated that “Overall quality of reviewed contracts is high and no major fixes are required. Contract contains only low to lowest issues, which can’t have serious impact on contract functionality”. And this issues are already resolved. The full text of Hacken Audit can be found on TruePlay Medium blog.

12 September 2018

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