Project economics

49 bn$

Made an annual revenue from online gambling in 2017

82 bn$

Will make the volume of the online gambling market by 2022

85 countries#

Have already legalized online gambling at the legislative level

TruePlay cooperates with the following market players

NetEnt - one of the most popular game providers of the world with a turnover of more than 150 million euros

Microgaming - more than 450 slots in 45 languages

Pokerdom - one of the leaders of online poker in the former CIS countries

Spinomenal - developed more than hundreds of HTML5 slots

Gamingtec - a world-level platform for creating and launching online casinos

# of operators on the platform

Operator’s net gaming revenue, $M

Share of Trueplay’s NGR on the global
gambling market, %

  • PB2B revenue model: TruePlay provides software to the casinos that makes games transparent and fair
  • Amount of the casinos on the platform – one of the key revenue drivers. TruePlay has already onboarded two casinos
  • TruePlay plans to attract customers on the platform via experienced B2B sales staff. Brand marketing, closed gambling events and conferences - additional sales channels
  • Company plans to create remuneration fund for the support of the first adopters in order to create success stories that will attract big players
  • TruePlay charges % from the Casino’s net gaming revenue: 2-6%. It depends on the amount of services provided: 1% -for the processing of transactions on the blockchain and 5% for turn key solution (games, customersupport,etc)

Revenue, $M

Gross profit, $M








  • Scenarios:

    I. Growth - company raised $30M

    II. Base - company raised $20M

    III. Pessimistic - company raised $10M

  • Revenue drivers: amount of operators on the platform and their turnover (cause TruePlay takes 2-6% from NGR)
  • Gross profit = revenue – transactions costs, support and platform costs
  • EBITDA = gross profit – staff, marketing, R&D and other operational costs
  • Pessimistic Base Growth scenario

P2P blockchain based betting

B2B platforms

Niche B2C providers

P2P betting providers aren’t our competitors, because we target different segments

Niche solution providers are our potential customers.TruePlay will become very attractive partner for them, once our blockchain will be in place

B2B platforms are our direct competitors

Our news

Mass Media about us

How will it work?

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Tokens TPLAY are used in all mutual settlements within the ecosystem,
TPLAY liquidity is provided by external exchanges.
Operators use a token to settle accounts with players,
affiliates, and gaming providers.
Players make deposits in a casino and receive
instant payments using TPLAY tokens.
The platform provides software solutions "turnkey" for a casino.
Ensures the conduct of all transactions in the ecosystem.
Affiliates use the TRUEPLAY affiliate program to attract traffic
to a casino and receive a reward in the TPLAY tokens.
Providers afford licensed games with support of honesty control.
Receive payment in TPLAY tokens.
Token Exchange

How will we change the world?

  • No guarantees of fair play
  • No game statistics
  • High commissions and payment restrictions
  • Instant payments and payments to TPLAY
  • Fair play and statistics
    for blockchain-based games
Casino owners
  • High resource consumption when
    using blockchain technologies
    for launching a new project
  • Financial fraud
  • Risk-prone payments
  • Financial guarantees from TruePlay
  • No fraud
  • Easy launch of WhiteLabel
  • No transparency of mutual settlements
    within affiliate programs
  • Full transparency of the entire
    life cycle of the player on all
    Trueplay projects
  • High cost of fighting
    unlicensed content
  • Only licensed content

The Three Bases Of The TruePlay Gambling Platform

TruePlay platform
TruePlay is a B2B platform with a complex of software solutions for online Gambling business. TruePlay is not a Gambling-provider. TruePlay only allows licensed Gambling companies access to their software (Software-as-a-service). TruePlay technologies are aimed at developing online Gambling and making it as legal and transparent as possible from any point of view.
The following currencies can be used:
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
Playing games with the honesty control, based on blockchain technologies, players can be sure that it is impossible to falsify the game outcome. Game statistics gives an understanding that games do meet world standards and are not tuned for losing.
Webmasters, who cooperate with Gambling operators around the world, will be assured that the traffic is not cut. Operators and game developers receive a decentralized structure of access to their game content around the world and protection from copying the brand and games.
TruePlay token (TPLAY)
TPLAY token is a native currency of the TruePlay blockchain platform. All transactions between players, casinos, and affiliates are conducted in TPLAY. The token value is pegged to Ethereum.
Gamingtec is developing the first pilot project, which is completely based on TruePlay technologies. The operator is the company Gamingtec, which received a license to organize gambling in the Kanawakee gaming comission. TruePlay provides Gamingtec services under the Software license agreement and technical support services.
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February 7-8, LONDON
2018 ICE Totally Gambling

March 10 LONDON
2018 Crypto Investor Show

March 23, KYIV 2018 Blockchain UA

March 27-28, ZURICH 2018 Crypto Summit

April 18-19, LONDON 2018 Blockchain Expo Global

25 April, Ukraine iForum Kyiv

May 11-12, USA 2018 Etheral Summit NY

May 24-25, Netherlands 2018 The Next Web Amsterdam

June 27-28, London Blockchain Summit Olympia

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Key solutions
  • TruePlay payment gate (?)
  • Decentralized CDN (?)
  • Transparent affiliate program
  • Unified KYC/AML in the platform
  • Reserve for paying winnings
  • Absence of fraud
  • Guarantee of immediate payments to side the platform (?)
  • Full and transparent game statistics in blockchain
  • Blockchain honesty control system (?)
  • Convenient and fast payments using the TPLAY token
  • Authorization with a unified TruePlay login
Game provides
  • Decentralized CDN (?)
  • Unified integration
  • Expanding the audience
  • Full transparency of the entire life cycle of the player on all TruePlay projects
  • Instant payments by smart-contracts


A number of functions are already implemented, which shows the capabilities of the platform:
TruePlay Wallet development

The core of TruePlay Wallet is developed

ETH Payments are integrated

BTC Payments are integrated

Smart contract for the release and management of TPLAY and WEB interface for managing a smart contract were developed

An API for deposit and payment of funds from TruePlay Wallet to merchants (casinos, stores, etc) has been developed

Custom WEB interface for TruePlay Wallet

Registration / user authorization, basic KYC policy

API for registration and authentication with TruePlay Wallet in external projects has been developed

MVP development

The core of the MVP casino running with blockchain technology has been developed.

Functions of publishing the hash series into the blockchain, stopping the series and generating the series were developed.

Generating and integrating a series for roulette

Generating and integrating a series for slots

Generating and integrating a series for video poker

API for deposit and payment of funds with TruePlay Wallet in MVP has been developed.

Integrated games from Game Provider: Spinomenal

1 Quarter 2018

Finalization of the Web application of the wallet for working with TruePlay (TPLAY)

The first Trueplay presentation at the largest ICE 2018 profile exhibition, London.

Development of a mobile wallet application for working with TruePlay (TPLAY)

Testing and TPLAY clients auditing

Implementing the API for connecting operators to the Trueplay platform

Integration of payments and winnings payments using TruePlay in poker room

Development of the This is the first project on the Trueplay platform. The project was developed in partnership with Gamingtec and is licensed to conduct Gambling, issued by Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The project will connect the games of leading game providers to the platform: Evolution Gambling, Quickspin, MicroGambling, Netent, Yggdrasil, PragmaticPlay.

2 Quarter 2018

Preparing for PCI-DSS certification

Conducting Token Sale

Designing and development of own blockchain: collecting requirements, tools selecting and creating project documentation.

Development of a module for verifying game data coming from the game provider

Publishing game transactions and statistics to the blockchain

Design and construction of hi-load hardware complex, in order to ensure uninterrupted operation of the verification module.

TPLAY listing on stock exchanges

3 Quarter 2018

PCI-DSS standard certification process

Integration of the games from third-party Game Providers into the platform

Own blockchain development

Integration of reception of basic altcoins into TruePlay Wallet

Documents submission for obtaining licenses required

Connecting operators to the Trueplay platform

TruePlay Wallet integration with crypto-currencies exchanges

Creation of the network-wide jackpots with different prize pools for different games / betting ranges using smart contracts

Launching the support service for users of the venues on the Trueplay platform

4 Quarter 2018

Release the beta version of the own blockchain and test the full functionality of the platform

Integration of games from third-party Game Providers into the platform

Realization of various tournaments on the Trueplay platform

Development and implementation of the affiliate program using TPLAY and distribution of funds through Smart Contracts

Obtaining licenses

Getting a PCI-DSS certificate

1 Quarter 2019

Start of commercial operations on own blockchain

Development of an API for connecting projects to the Trueplay affiliate program

Adding lottery games (keno, bingo, scratch lottery)

Integration into the platform games from third-party Game Providers

2-4 Quarter 2019

Integration into the Sportsbook platform

Development and launch of the commercial Trueplay APK

Connecting operators to the Trueplay platform

Further filling the platform with quality content

Project Team
Mageramov Oleksiy

International Business education. Law education. First commercial project started in 2002. In 2008 became a co-founder of a software company

Makarchuk Stanislav

The one of the pioneers of Gambling development in CIS countries. First Gambling project developed in 2002. In 2008 became a co-founder of a software company

Dmitriy Shvets

VC investor and entrepreneur, venture capital and management consulting expert, early investor in 39 tech startups operating worldwide, contributed to further portfolio companies successful fundraising from Greycroft Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Metamorphic Ventures, and FJ Labs

Ragozin Oleksii

Oleksii spent the last six years as the COO of a major European Gambling operation company where he created the company’s technical & financial support, along with its financial transaction algorithms. Trueplay is Oleksii’s first blockchain-based project; in it, he sees a gamechanger for the industry that he’s been part of for over ten years

Rogovoy Nikita
Head of programming

Exceptional mathematic skills, 7 years of experience in commercial Gambling platforms development

Besedin Rodion
Blockchain architect

Blockchain enthusiast since 2010, Experienced in programming, huge background in operation and administration of enterprise level Mission critical systems

Ilya Gnoensky

Professional in the field of financial management, crisis management, turnaround and restructuring of distressed companies with 14 years of work experience in the United States as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO), mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisor, and a financial auditor (CPA). During his tenure at Silverman Consulting (Chicago, USA), he helped companies identify the causes of their financial problems, develop and implement operational decisions necessary for long-term financial health. Previously, he completed projects Due Diligence, aimed at investigating financial attractiveness of investment projects He was also a financial auditor of at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (USA)

Liudmyla Kryvko

Economic degree, MBA in marketing.7 years of experience in Digital & Affiliate Marketing Management in different verticals. Cooperation with big Advertisers to deliver top Traffic Results Worldwide. Worked with top online Gambling brands.

Alexandr Antsyferov
Project Manager

Alex is experienced Project and Product Manager with a solid technical background in mobile development (mobile cryptocurrency wallet apps, complex blockchain solutions for the financial-services industry). He worked with the different U.S. and Europe-based startups and (over than 1 million paid subscribers). Certified Scrum Master and expert in coaching and managing remote Agile/Scrum teams from different countries with different cultures.


Denis Dmitrenko
GR Crypto team

VC investor @GRCapital, Director @GRCrypto, Advisor Bouxtie San-Francisco, management consulting & investment management expert

Max Filippov
GR Crypto team

Principal @GRCapital, Director @GRCrypto, private investor, investment management and corporate finance expert

Project Advisors
Sapar Karyagdyyev
Managing Director of Gamingtec

Over 10 years experience in online Gambling industry. Launched and managed multiple Gambling projects accross the world. Founder of Gamingtec - a B2B software company

David Kicks
Expert on Internet Gambling and tech/media startups

Co-Founder St Minver 2003 (Sold to GTECH 2008) Business Development specialist & veteran of the EU Gambling market. Helping establish EasyPaymentGateway 2014

Ilia Strah

CEO of Betlab in the past, a company that specializes in software development for sports betting and iGambling platforms. He has a strong background in Product Marketing and a decade’s worth of Affiliate & Digital Marketing experience

Alex Momot
Founder & CEO – REMME

Boasting an IT-experience of over ten years, Alex has been working in blockchain space since 2013. Currently he is leading the REMME company that builds distributed Access Management solution eliminating passwords. In 2014 Alex ran BitX, a start up that allowed people to pay for telecom and other everyday usage services in bitcoins. He is the Board Member of the Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine for the last three years and has also been in Bitcoin mining since 2015.

Mr Ken Zhang
Managing Director of PG Soft

Mr Ken Zhang is the co-founder and the Managing director of PG Soft, who is a highly motivated businessman with clear business targets, he is specialized in finding business opportunities, and finding synergies between markets and companies, also working with companies in startup phases.

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