News 11-21-2023
Trueplay Presents a New Live Streaming Feature: CopyStake!
Online streams are becoming more and more popular. Streaming platforms such as Twitch are trending among gamers and gaming audiences. The most popular Twitch channels have millions of viewers. In 2023, Twitch got 2,417,041 average viewers and 275,187,852 live streams.
News 4-11-2023
Trueplay Partnered up With Atlas IAC
We are pleased to announce our partnership with Atlas IAC, a leading platform provider. The collaboration will provide operators and players with a unique gaming experience by combining Trueplay’s expertise in tokenized loyalty and Atlas IAC’s comprehensive suite of platform solutions.
News 4-7-2023
Trueplay Releases Liquidity Staking
Trueplay has launched a new product feature called Liquidity Staking. The iGaming brands, that integrated Trueplay tokenized loyalty can now allow users to stake token rewards with USDT.
News 4-5-2023 Integrated Trueplay
We are thrilled to partner with, a leading iGaming operator that has successfully integrated Trueplay Tokenized Loyalty into their project.
Events 3-14-2023
Sigma Eurasia 2023: Trueplay Outlines the Web 3 Loyalty Solutions
Alex Antsyferov, CBO at Trueplay, participated as a speaker of the panel discussion at Sigma Eurasia 2023.
Events 3-10-2023
Trueplay at Sigma Eurasia Discussion Panel
Alex Antsyferov, CBO at Trueplay, will speak at a panel discussion of Sigma Eurasia in Dubai on topic “Web 3.0 Enterprise Solutions: Why And How Big Players Are Coming In”.
Events 2-23-2023
Trueplay Participated in ICE London: How it was
February 7-9, the Trueplay team participated in ICE London.
Events 1-12-2023
Trueplay Goes to ICE London Conference 2023
Trueplay sets off to ICE London 2023 and is open for meetings on February 7-9, ExCel London.
News 12-23-2022
Trueplay’s Roadmap: What was Done in 2022 and What is Planned for 2023
Trueplay has developed a roadmap for 2022-2023 outlining our plans for the coming years in the online casino industry.
News 12-2-2022
Referral Program: New Trueplay Feature
Referral Program from Trueplay allows users to invite their friends and get a bonus as a reward. Extra earnings for players = higher retention
News 11-3-2022
New Feature: Welcome Staking
A new Hold To Earn feature from Trueplay that allows players get acquainted with staking tokens
News 10-21-2022
Trueplay Helps Bona Fides to Bring Affiliate Marketing to the Next Level
Trueplay Helps Bona Fides to Bring Affiliate Marketing to the Next Level
News 10-20-2022
New Collaboration Announcement: Trueplay Partners with Advabet 
Trueplay is thrilled to announce a partnership with Advabet!
News 8-17-2022
Trueplay’s new Feature Release: Promo Management Tool
With a new Promo Management tool, casino operators can manage rewards and make special promotions in a few clicks
Events 7-1-2022
Trueplay at ICE London 2022
Trueplay took part in the biggest iGaming event in the world, London ICE, in April 2022. A detailed review with pictures from the event.
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