Articles 11-23-2023
Why Your iGaming Platform Is Losing Players to the Competition

Discover why your iGaming platform is losing players to the competition. Beat player churn with a branded loyalty program.

Articles 11-3-2023
Daily Active Users: Effective Tips to Expand the DAU in iGaming

This article aims to explain the concept of Daily Active Users, the methods of measuring it, and the reasons why careful tracking is imperative. Additionally, you’ll find some tips on how to expand the Daily Active Users base.

Articles 10-23-2023
Critical Factors Influencing Casino Player Loyalty

iGaming brands can now prove their commitment to trust and security by providing their players with access to the blockchain.

Articles 10-13-2023
Building Trust and Security: Role of Loyalty Tokens in iGaming

Trust is a fickle thing, delicate and unpredictable, just like loyalty tokens in iGaming. It takes time to build but can be easily broken, so companies must protect the customer data that has been entrusted to them.

Articles 10-9-2023
Creating a Seamless Omnichannel Loyalty Experience in iGaming

Discover the challenges, opportunities, and steps required to create an omnichannel loyalty program in the iGaming industry.

Articles 9-21-2023
Player Retention in iGaming: The Role of Personalization

One powerful tool for achieving player retention is personalization, because users want to be appreciated.

Articles 9-14-2023
Emerging Technology Trends in iGaming: What You Need to Know

In this article, we will highlight a few emerging technology trends in iGaming that can help them achieve all that and more. So here are a few tidbits from the evolving landscape of iGaming.

Articles 9-8-2023
Understanding User Behavior: The Key to iGaming Success

User behavior is critical in the iGaming business: it has a direct impact on the performance and profitability of iGaming platforms. In this post, we’ll go over the fundamentals of user behavior analysis and how to increase player retention by developing great customer experience.

Articles 9-8-2023
Measuring Success: Key Metrics in iGaming Industry

In this article, we explore the key performance indicators that define success in the iGaming industry, shedding light on important metrics that drive growth, customer engagement, and overall profitability.

Articles 8-25-2023
The Power of User Retention in the iGaming Industry

In this article, we’ll discover the true significance of user retention in the iGaming industry and how businesses can leverage it to their advantage.

Articles 8-16-2023
Innovation in iGaming: Exploring Trueplay’s approach

Nothing is completely static or remains unchanged forever. To survive in this ever-changing world, iGaming operators and gambling-adjacent brands must find new ways to engage with their customers, retain existing players, and persistently acquire new ones.

Articles 8-3-2023
In Pursuit of Player Loyalty: Strategies for iGaming Brands

In most businesses, finding customers is just the beginning. To thrive, organizations need to encourage their patrons to return over and over again. It goes without saying that a returning customer is a happy customer, but how can brands instill this level of loyalty in their players with strategies for iGaming brands?  Many players prefer […]

Articles 7-17-2023
How Technology Is Shaping the Future of iGaming

The rapid advancement of technology has changed the face of many industries, including iGaming. Online gambling has created a thriving landscape that continues to evolve and transform the way we engage with games of chance. Let’s explore how technology is shaping the future of iGaming.

Articles 7-10-2023
Increasing Player Engagement Through Customizable Loyalty Programs

Player engagement plays a pivotal role if you want to foster the profitability of your online gaming platform. Customizable loyalty programs are one of the effective solutions to keep players engaged and motivated to return to your platform. In this article, we will explore how such programs can elevate player engagement.

Articles 7-3-2023
Why a Branded Ecosystem is Crucial for iGaming Platforms

A branded ecosystem is an emerging strategy that creates a seamless and immersive experience for players.

Articles 6-22-2023
Nurturing Player Loyalty: How to Build Trust and Emotional Connection in iGaming

In this article, we will explore how to build trust and how emotional connection with your audience can significantly enhance player loyalty. Learn how Trueplay’s branded loyalty programs can help in achieving their long-term engagement and advocacy.

Articles 6-15-2023
Psychology of Player Engagement: the Impact of Gamification

Exploring the psychological impact of gamification on player engagement in iGaming.

Articles 6-9-2023
Metagaming for Casinos: Transforming Traditional iGaming

A groundbreaking concept known as metagaming is now transforming traditional loyalty programs into immersive experiences that go beyond simple rewards.

Articles 5-30-2023
What is Gamification and how it Helps iGaming Brands Succeed

How iGaming brands can enhance user engagement, drive retention, and create memorable experiences by incorporating game elements and mechanics into their loyalty programs.

Articles 5-12-2023
Top iGaming Events This Summer

Take a look at the top iGaming events taking place this summer and why they are worth attending.

Articles 5-5-2023
How Casino Marketing Campaigns Help Boost Retention

One effective way to increase retention is loyalty programs that reward players for their activities. Trueplay has such a solution, offering branded loyalty programs to iGaming businesses, so they can reward players through customizable marketing campaigns.

Articles 4-28-2023
Why Hold to Earn is the Best Loyalty Program for Casino Retention

One way to achieve attraction and retention of loyal customers is by offering a branded loyalty program. And that’s precisely what Trueplay offers with its Hold to Earn program, growing casino retention up to 5.2 times in six months.

Articles 4-24-2023
What is GameFi and how P2E Can Take Your Casino to New Heights

Exploring what is GameFi and how the Play to Earn program by Trueplay can make your casino more profitable.

Articles 12-13-2022
Why Boosting ARPPU Matters for the Brand’s Success

ARPPU is one of the essential metrics, along with GGR, NGR, retention, etc., that helps you grasp your platform’s pace. Here is a quick Trueplay guide on why ARPPU matters and how you can boost it.

Articles 12-8-2022
iGaming Solutions: What Exists to Help Boost your Metrics

The B2B market for iGaming offers loads of software options, promising to quickly increase revenue. Are they really as effective as claimed?

Articles 10-3-2022
5 Reasons to Implement Trueplay 

IGaming software is not a usual product. Let’s see what Trueplay is and why your casino should implement this technology

Articles 9-12-2022
To Share or not to Share: All you Need to Know about Casino Transparency

Why transparency is important in modern casinos, and how sharing GGR through Trueplay tokenized loyalty programs can help your casino

Articles 9-5-2022
How Trueplay Helps Improve the Relationship with Players

The most popular iGaming instruments for user engagement and retention and why Trueplay is the best solution. 

Articles 8-30-2022
Web 3.0 in Business Insight: Blockchain ≠ Crypto

The difference between blockchain and crypto, how both of these innovations can be used in many kinds of business, particularly in iGaming

Articles 8-1-2022
BEP20 VS TRC20 VS ERC20: Differences & What’s Best for Online Casinos

Everything you need to know about BEP20 vs TRC20 vs ERC20 token standards: differences, pros & cons of each, which is better for online casinos.

Articles 7-1-2022
How Can Blockchain be Used in iGaming?

Blockchain is not just a trendy word that everyone is yapping about. This technology exists in multiple industries from finances to healthcare. The most revolutionized area has been in the iGaming business.

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