New Feature: Welcome Staking

Trueplay has a loyalty program called Hold To Earn, which allows players to put their earned crypto tokens on deposit and withdraw it later with a chance of getting more. Usually, operators set up three different time slots, where one is short-term (for example, one hour) and the others are even longer and can be up to three days. 

While Hold To Earn is a great opportunity for players to earn extra inside the platform, not many players want to spend one hour to understand what is this new function they’ve never seen before. That’s why we decided to add a new feature – welcome staking! 

How does Welcome Staking work?

Users can see welcome staking when they open a Trueplay widget, which is a separate tab on the platform. Welcome staking is optional but it is recommended for operators to get players to know what it is and how it works. 

5-minutes-staking is available immediately and users understand that to unlock other time periods, they need to stake for 5 minutes first. 

Operators can choose the staking time and the reward, which can be a fixed percentage of staked tokens instead of a percent from the GGR pool, as it works in the usual Hold To Earn program. The minimum and maximum amount of tokens for staking can be also adjusted.

The circle bar is moving relatively fast so that players can literally see their tokens being earned on spot! 

Now players can use other staking periods, depending on what time slots the operator has chosen. 


Your players are now familiar with staking and are ready to earn more through tokenized loyalty programs. And meanwhile, you retain them and boost your major KPIs including retention. Bingo!

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