Keeping a Client in the Game: Utopia or Possibility?

Every click, every game, and every user experience in the iGaming industry can make a client stay or make them go. The challenge isn’t merely attracting new players but keeping them engaged and active. When paired together, this makes them loyal players. To brands that fail to retain users, it might seem like a game of chance, but keeping a client in the game is not just a utopia that brands dream of but also a real possibility. 

Trueplay offers a simple, automated solution to this complex problem that had casinos and other gambling establishments baffled and defeated for decades. Player retention is the jackpot that every iGaming platform aims for, and Trueplay is poised to help hit that elusive target.

The Client Retention Challenge in iGaming

New players emerge in iGaming as rapidly as dice rolls, just as new competitors and old rivals break into other regions. Amid intense competition, operators can keep their clients — the players — engaged and consistently coming back. What makes it more difficult is the diverse and evolving expectations of the modern gambler. The ideal player is attracted to the latest technology, the best games, and a superior gaming experience.

Trust is as fragile and valuable as the bets players place and remains a key commodity in the industry. That’s because a lack of trust in a game’s fairness, transaction security, or any aspect of a platform’s operations could lead to a swift mass exodus of players. Poor user experience, slow load times, and difficult interfaces also turn users away. However, unmet expectations are second only to trust issues. A disillusioned player can turn into a marketing team’s worst nightmare, loudly revealing failed promises.

Every client lost is a missed opportunity for sustained income and immediate revenue. That’s because the cost of acquiring a new client far exceeds that of retaining an existing one. This makes player churn a double-edged sword, damaging both profits and growth prospects. To prevent this, iGaming brands must create an environment that fosters trust, exceeds expectations, and provides a seamless, engaging user experience — a challenge Trueplay was created for.

Keeping a Client With Trueplay

Trueplay, a unique iGaming solution, gives operators powerful tools to quickly increase their retention. Currently integrated into over 15 iGaming platforms, Trueplay’s clients have exceeded a betting volume of $1 billion. They are spread across 18 countries on four continents and to them, keeping a client in the game is a reality.

The solution consists of four main programs, each great individually, but making the most impact when combined in a package. By creating branded tokens, operators reward their players through these programs to build engagement and trust and give them a reason to return. These programs are:

Play to Earn — Players earn tokens for playing games on the iGaming platform.
Hold to Earn — Players can freeze their tokens for specific durations for the chance to earn more rewards.
Marketing Campaigns — Players can earn rewards for completing special tasks like KYC compliance, creating an account, etc.
CopyStake — Players can copy the bets of famous streamers automatically, turning their sessions into large community events.

Trueplay operates on a foundation of security and transparency, ensuring that clients and their players have their expectations met and exceeded. We build trust, which is inherited by the operators we work with and visible on their iGaming platforms. Together, we create the player’s utopia, a place where fun and excitement never stop unless the user says so. Trueplay makes it easier to create a responsible iGaming environment at no extra cost.

Explorer is one way Trueplay builds trust. It is a public platform showing visitors an overall view of transactions on the Trueplay network. Users gain confidence in the fairness of our client’s platform thanks to Explorer.

Moreover, Trueplay’s data-driven approach gives operators an understanding of their player’s needs and behaviors. Tools like Promo Campaigns are an avenue for data collection. It allows iGaming platforms to incentivize data collection and obtain the big data analytics necessary for creating personalized player experiences. Assured of value and fairness, players will be more likely to develop a lasting connection with the platform.

Practical Implementation and Best Practices

Integrating Trueplay into an iGaming platform is a simple process. The first step involves incorporating Trueplay’s solution into the platform’s infrastructure via its API. It makes all games and transactions visible and promotes transparency. The next step gives access to the widget that houses all Trueplay programs.

With an industry average of 7-12% of new registrations leading to first-time deposits, Trueplay adoption has recorded up to a 10% increase to this. Clients have experienced similar growth in net gaming revenue, bet per user, and first-month retention.

To maximize Trueplay’s benefits, operators need to analyze player data regularly. Continually refining this data will allow operators to personalize the gaming experience for all their players. They must communicate their responsibility to users and their data regularly — reinforcing player trust and solidifying their loyalty to the platform.

Keeping a Client in the Game Is Possible

Client retention in the iGaming industry is crucial, mainly due to cost efficiency. Retained clients, unlike new users, provide a stable revenue stream due to their frequent returns. It means more wagering on their part and the possibility of diversifying their betting activities. Retained clients are constant, and this stability is vital to operators and the industry at large.

Trueplay tackles the big problem of keeping players interested in a brand using custom loyalty programs. Adopt Trueplay to enhance your brand’s competitive edge and foster a loyal, engaged player base. Book a call to turn the odds in your favor and make a retention utopia your reality.