Metagaming for Casinos: Transforming Traditional iGaming

In the ever-evolving landscape of iGaming, loyalty programs have become a staple for engaging players and fostering long-term relationships. However, a groundbreaking concept as metagaming for casinos is now transforming traditional loyalty programs into immersive experiences that go beyond simple rewards.

Metagaming within loyalty programs for online casinos introduces a strategic layer where players can not only earn rewards for playing games but also leverage their loyalty rewards through innovative features like Trueplay’s Play to Earn and Hold to Earn programs. In this article, we will delve into the concept of metagaming and explore how it is reshaping iGaming loyalty programs.

Metagaming for casinos in Trueplay loyalty programs

Within the context of loyalty programs, metagaming takes loyalty rewards to new heights. It empowers players to strategically use loyalty rewards data to unlock additional benefits within the casino experience. Trueplay, a trailblazer in this space, has pioneered the integration of metagaming elements in their loyalty programs, offering players a unique opportunity to maximize their rewards and participation.

The Play to Earn program by Trueplay allows players to get loyalty rewards for bets as rakeback. With metagaming, in order to earn more, players have to consider wagers for certain games, which casinos can promote in this way. Also, a casino can incentivize users to make meaningful actions by rewarding them for completing registration, bets made, KYC passing, etc.

However, the standout metagaming feature offered by Trueplay is the Hold to Earn program. This innovative loyalty program enables players to stake their loyalty rewards for a specific period of time (8 hours, 1 or 3 days), allowing them to earn a share of the casino’s Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) over this period, if it turns out to be positive. It introduces a strategic element where players decide when and how long to hold their loyalty, trying to maximize potential returns.

The inclusion of Hold to Earn in Trueplay’s metagaming-driven loyalty programs adds a new dimension of strategy and decision-making for players. By staking their loyalty rewards, players get to participate in the casino’s financial success. They become not just players but active participants in the iGaming ecosystem, leveraging their loyalty rewards as an investment to earn a share of the GGR. This metagaming element introduces an exciting layer of engagement and involvement, turning loyalty programs into a game of strategic decision-making.

Benefits of metagaming in loyalty

Metagaming within loyalty programs benefits both players and iGaming brands. For players, it elevates the loyalty experience by providing an opportunity to strategize and earn additional rewards beyond traditional gameplay. The Hold to Earn program, in particular, allows players to immerse themselves in a metagame where they can analyze market and in-casino trends, and make informed decisions about staking, all while being rewarded for their loyalty.

For iGaming brands, metagaming loyalty programs offer a competitive advantage by fostering deeper player engagement and loyalty. By introducing metagaming elements such as Hold to Earn, brands create an ecosystem where players actively participate in the success of the casino, leading to a stronger sense of ownership and long-term loyalty.

It is essential to strike a balance between the metagaming elements and the core loyalty program to ensure accessibility for all players. Metagaming features should complement and enhance the overall loyalty experience, providing players with an optional strategic layer to explore.

To wrap it up

Metagaming is revolutionizing iGaming loyalty programs by introducing a strategic layer that goes beyond traditional rewards. Trueplay’s innovative loyalty programs exemplify the transformative power of metagaming, allowing players to stake their loyalty rewards and earn a share of the casino’s GGR. As the iGaming industry continues to evolve, incorporating metagaming elements into loyalty programs will drive deeper engagement, foster longer-term loyalty, and create an immersive gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more.